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New Products

High Definition Vision

Joining our vision technology array are a selection of high-end HD projection, switchers and playback for seamless and stunning solutions. For further information please contact us.

Download High Definition Vision Product Brochure

New Lighting Equipment

Of our ever growing array of lighting, currently with 20 moving lights and 56 LED fixtures, here are some of the new technologies joining Avcom Staging’s lighting ranks. For further information please contact us.

Download New Lighting Equipment Product Brochure

Portable Inductive Loop System

With the help of an induction loop system, hearing-aid users can receive signals produced by electrical/electronic audio sources, such as microphones or audio systems. For further information please contact us.

Download Portable Inductive Loop System Product Brochure

Stages and Dance Floors

Avcom Staging has expanded its services to encompass a range of stages and dance floors. Accessories including stairs, guardrails, chair stops and skirting are also available. For further information please contact us.

Download Stages and Dance Floors Product Brochure

Themed Event Services

Encompassing a vast range of themed options including imaginative table décor, themed props and backdrops, Avcom Staging also combines these settings with dramatic lighting and visual effects to create a number of extravagant themed experiences for your next event. Our cost effective themed event packages can be tailor made to suit all event scopes and budgets. To discuss a range of creative concepts for your next event, please contact us.

Download Themed Event Services Product Brochure

Vista Spyder 344

We are excited to announce the arrival of our Vista Spyder 344 system. The Spyder is the world's most powerful video processor that achieves stunning clarity and brightness.

Download Vista Spyder 344 Product Brochure

Image-Blending Technology

Wide-screen panoramic projection incorporating 'picture-in-picture' technology.